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corey wayne 3% man

Corey Wayne has ~400,000 YouTube subscribers for a reason: he has an undeniably-broad understanding of relationship psychology, and the constant dance between masculine & feminine energies in the circus of dating in the 21st century. His style is certainly not for everyone- he’s cocky, persistent, and kind of a douchebag . . . but you can’t say he isn’t smart.

If you read How To Be A 3% Man, I promise that you’ll learn something- probably a lot of things- about what you’ve been doing right in the dating scene, and more importantly, what you’ve been doing wrong. After reading this book just once following a friend’s recommendation, there were so many AHA! moments for me that I instantly read it a second time.

Hardly anyone ever decides that they’re going to sit down and STUDY dating & relationship psychology, which is absurd to me. It’s one of the most complex and endlessly-interesting topics out there, and every socially-ambitious person on Earth can benefit from doing a little homework on the topic.

If you’ve known nothing but true love and happiness since you first asked someone on a date, I salute you. If you haven’t, give 3% Man a read. I guarantee you will learn a thing or two that will benefit you down the road.


“Every person that comes into your life is there for a reason; there are no accidents. Our relationships and interactions with other people serve a purpose: to help each other grow, and reach our full potential. However, not everyone is going to stay in your life forever. People who are meant to be in your life will make the effort to stick around, but people who are just passing through will often leave just as quickly as they came.

Therefore, do not become attached to people, but simply focus on being grateful for your shared experiences, no matter how long or short they may be. Sometimes, it might be many months (or even years) before you are able to look back and understand the gift that they were, the wisdom they gave you, and the purpose and reason for why they came into your life.”

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