It finally happened!!

1 year later, after Elon Musk on Joe Rogan Round 1 became the most popular, memeified podcast in the history of the internet, Elon is back in the man cave for an encore. As expected, plenty of whiskey, AI contemplation, and raising the blood pressure of every Tesla investor on earth ensued.

Here are 17 takeaways from Elon Musk on Joe Rogan Round 2.

elon musk on joe rogan
“………yeah”   -Elon Musk

1. His kid’s name is pronounced “Ex-ash-ay-twelve”

I still haven’t heard him say the full name in one breath, so we’ll call this pronunciation 92% confirmed.

2. He’s serious about going minimalist.

He’s already sold his houses and unnecessary items, vowing to only keep the things that are important and have sentimental value.

Claims that he’s spent too much of his money on junk just because he could, and he wants to cut back drastically on his consumption.


3. “Too many smart people go into finance & law.”

Not enough smart people are creating things that make the world better.

4. Not a big fan of Warren Buffett.

Probably partially because of the above point–WB has become insanely wealthy by riding the wave of other company’s accomplishments. This is not a BAD thing per se (investors are important), but the world needs MORE CREATORS, and LESS FOLLOWERS.

5. Vast majority of time & brainpower is spent on his 2 most important life missions:

  1. Solving sustainable energy (Tesla)
  2. Getting humans to Mars (Spacex)

The rest of his brain is allocated to:

  • Boring Company (1%)
  • Neuralink (5%)

Speaking of Neuralink, it wouldn’t be a true Elon Musk on Joe Rogan podcast without a long, detailed discussion on the future of AI…

6. Goal of Neuralink is to make it possible to fix basically any health problem that originates in the brain

Which is…a lot of them.

  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Limb functionality
  • Schizophrenia
  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke damage
  • Alzheimers
  • Memory loss


The implant simply finds the circuits in the brain that are malfunctioning, and fixes them.

7. Further iterations of Neuralink will create absolutely insane possibilities

  • The ability to communicate thoughts and ideas with other people mentally, without language or speech barriers.
  • Instant internal language translation
  • Matrix-like downloading of new skills and knowledge

8. Estimated time-frame for when these sci-fi Neuralink features will be available to the public?

Simple functionality could be released within 1 year, crazy stuff within 5-10 years.


9. Sees AI as a third layer on top of the brain’s 2 main mental systems

  1. Limbic system (emotions & memory)
  2. Cortex (attention, sensation, motor functions)
  3. Neuralink (downloading kung-fu during your lunch break)

10. Doesn’t believe AI will detach us from our roots

It won’t replace anything we have now, but simply open new doors of supplementation that bonebags (humans) are incapable of in our primitive state.

We’ll always be able to sit by the campfire, bullshitting and drinking cocktails like we always have.

11. The pandemic situation has presented the opportunity for some major silver linings

  • People will start taking hygiene much more seriously
  • More research and funding will be allocated to the medical field, to prevent future events like this one. (As long as politicians get their heads even a couple of inches out of their ass)
  • It’s been a good practice run for future viruses with potentially higher mortality rates

12. Joe & Elon agree that there are frustratingly few places where people can obtain high-quality, unbiased information about literally ANYTHING

The consensus best solution? Follow specific journalists that you know and trust to deliver great content without conflict of interest from advertisers or other influential third-parties

I whole-heartedly agree with this.

13. Biggest problems with the way the covid situation has been handled:

1. Moral quandaries were created, as the government was offering free money to hospitals with more “possible” cases
2. Testing was horribly underutilized
3. Data has been unclear since the beginning, due to above 2

14. On cigarettes: “Barbequing your lungs is bad news. It’s not good.”

Fun fact: Elon was actually an Executive Producer on the 2005 film Thank you for Smoking. 

15. Food is awesome

Just don’t eat right before bed. It’s bad for your heart and your sleep.

Put the pizza rolls down.


16. Estimated Tesla priority roadmap:

1. Finish ramping Model Y production
2. Complete & ramp Giga Berlin, Shanghai
3. Semi
4. Cybertruck
5. Roadster 2 “The Dessert”

Biggest surprise here is that Elon hinted at Cybertruck being prioritized ahead of Roadster 2. This is surprising, but makes sense.

17. Roadster 2 is going to be “unfair”

Reminder that the 1.9sec 0-60 time is for the “base model.”

Elon’s keeping the details on the other iterations of the beast close to the vest, but it’s going to be ridiculous.



(Long $TSLA)





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