I just felt a little bit of stomach pain while eating steak for the first time since I began the carnivore diet in September 2023 (~10 months).

The reason why was obvious:

I accidentally got the lower-quality beef variety at the store (Brahman cow instead of Brangus—something you have to watch out for here in Colombia), so the meat was VERY TOUGH. It was difficult to chew, so I was swallowing much larger chunks than usual.

This is the ONLY thing that was different about this meal versus the hundreds of others I’ve had since I began eating exclusively animal products almost a year ago.

And it got me thinking…

“Meat feels heavy in my stomach” is one of the most common responses I get from plant-eaters explaining why they minimize, or completely avoid meat.

In this one meal alone, the epiphany hit me: THIS is why!

The majority of these people simply aren’t chewing their meat enough!

“Chew your food” sounds like such a simple, condescending instruction to give to an adult. But you’d be surprised…when you spend years or decades basing your diet around oatmeal, bread, fruit bowls and salad, not only will your jaw muscles become underdeveloped from never being worked, but when you do use them, you may not have as strong a grasp as you think for how much you actually need to chew tough food like meat which requires more thorough mastication than plants. (This chewing of tough food is critical for dental health by the way, and lack of it is a major reason why dental health has never been worse worldwide, but I digress…)


If meat makes your stomach hurt, the culprit is very likely that you’re swallowing too large of pieces due to improper chewing. Try eating ground beef instead for a couple weeks as a warm-up, then when you’re ready to upgrade to Steak Gang™, be aware that there IS a bit of a learning curve when it comes to chewing, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of having to relearn such a basic eating function, but STOKED that you’re finally giving your jaw + teeth the workout they’ve evolved to get from eating a species-appropriate diet! 👊🥩

Note: If you haven’t eaten ANY meat for a very long time, it’s also possible that your gut is simply throwing a temper tantrum from not getting the carbs & sugar its microbiome has become accustomed to. If you’ve already tried eating ground beef, or are confident you’re chewing your steak thoroughly and are STILL experiencing digestive pain, the issue may just be that your gut hasn’t had enough time yet to adjust to the diet change. Bone broth would be a great choice to implement as a transitionary food here, as it’s even easier to digest, and can get that microbiome healed and moving back in the right direction of breaking down good ol’ FAT and PROTEIN as human digestive systems have been for as long as we’ve been breathing air and drinking water! 💪

For more on why the carnivore diet is OPTIMAL for human digestion (as well as your jaws/teeth as briefly mentioned above), check out the following resources 👇

“I’ve seen in clinical practice, over and over again, vegetables were making my patients sick. And the more we eliminated them, the more they got better and better and better. Everyone who dealt with IBS, Crohns, or Ulcerative Colitis…the last thing you tell that person to eat is a salad. That’s like asking a person to eat a bowl of broken glass; you’re literally shredding their already ripped-apart digestive system with raw ruffage that they can’t digest. Fiber is a completely useless waste product that takes up space in your colon.”
Dr. Stephanie Rimka

“Every possible digestive disorder you could think of, I’ve had. Pancreatitis, Diverticulitis, I’m completely gluten intolerant, the works…all of it cleared up simply by removing plants from my diet.”
– Professor Bart Kay

That’s all for today, friends! As always, if you have any questions about the above, feel free to connect with me on Twitter and reach out.



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