“Men Are Invisible When Young. Women Are Invisible When Old.”



“Men are invisible when young. Women are invisible when old.”


From my experience both in my own life and countless deep talks with others of both genders, as well as observing the statistics on happiness & antidepressant use by age/gender, I believe this is an accurate statement.

Men are prized for their wisdom, physical/mental strength, financial stability, and accomplishments. When young, they have none of these things, because all require hard work and TIME.

This is why so many young men are lost.

BUT…as long as they don’t get stuck in the porn/video games/junk-food hole, and properly build themselves in the above areas (physical, mental, financial), as time passes, their value will increase, along with their happiness and fulfillment.

Women are very different. They are prized for their youth, beauty, and nurturing/healing energy.

The world (or at least those unplugged from the fiat hamster wheel) doesn’t care about women’s LinkedIn promotions or salaries as it does for men, because these aren’t furthering their prized traits.

The world LOVES it when women share stories of healing themselves, healing others, having and raising beautiful children etc., because this is where the power of feminine energy shines the brightest.

A tragic reality is that many women don’t learn these things until well into adulthood, after their prime years of youth & beauty have passed, and all the high-value men have forgotten about them in favor of those with less emotional baggage and a longer fertility window ahead of them. (Remember: 90% of a woman’s eggs are gone by age 30—logically-wired men understand this).

This is why so many older women are lost.

They were fooled by the deeply-engrained scam of feminism (i.e. the idea that women should pursue masculine characteristics rather than feminine ones), and are suddenly finding themselves deep in a high-powered career full of accomplishments and wisdom, yet their dating pool is bone-dry, and they’re more lost, confused, and depressed than ever.

Modern women have been tricked by the powers that be into abandoning the most powerful gift on earth—the ability to create life & further our species—and instead become obedient, taxpaying cogs in the corporate machine.

It’s difficult to argue that the women of my generation (Millennials) were the most brutally smacked in the face by this, and the data paints the same picture. No demographic on earth is more depressed right now than 30-50 year old women.

Tough sights all around.

But there is a great deal of hope for the next chapter in this story…

I am VERY optimistic for future generations. There is a massive trend taking place of all these 30s-40s women sharing their personal stories of having been deeply fooled by the lies of feminism, and younger Gen-Z women RESONATING with this message, and deciding to buck the status quo and commit themselves to pursuing a path that aligns with their inner divine femininity.

(AND as a bonus, as the older generations are passing down this wisdom, they are finding a huge boost of new life, passion and happiness themselves, as they are finally embodying their natural role of HEALING and NURTURING the young! In a way this has become the ultimate backup plan for those who missed their biological window of being able to build a family themselves – their “second chance” at finding that elusive, soul-warming fulfillment that they never got from raising children of their own)

Wait, WTF does Bitcoin have to do with this?? Don’t worry, I won’t take this article off the rails, but I highly recommend listening to the below podcast for a tangent of the masculinity/femininity rabbit hole you likely haven’t yet explored 👇


MEN: Keep building yourself physically, mentally & financially, and your future will be incredibly bright. If you’re young, and confused about what you’re supposed to do or where you’re supposed to go, this is NORMAL and NECESSARY. EMBRACE that uncertainty as a critical part of your hero’s journey—because it is! You have the luxury of not having to fight such an unforgiving biological clock, nor as relentless of a stream of government propaganda telling you to work against your biology. Do not waste this privilege!

WOMEN: If you’re Millennial or older, the young girls of the world who are trying to find their path NEED YOUR STORY. Keep spreading your message for the sake of future generations, and quite literally the future of our species. If you’re one of said younger women still finding your way, I implore you to turn off the TV, algorithm-ruled social media feeds and other state-sponsored propaganda sources, and LISTEN to these Millennial/Gen-X women who’ve been in your shoes, and are channeling all of their energy into trying to help you live the most beautiful life possible ❤️


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