It’s time to discuss something extremely important, which hardly anyone in the Carnivore community even knows about.

It’s a new social media network called NOSTR.

Allow me to briefly explain what Nostr is, and why I believe it will become a critical tool for the carnivore community in the near future.

WTF Is Nostr?

Nostr is a social media network that runs on a PROTOCOL rather than a centralized PLATFORM.

Think “internet” instead of “Google”

In other words, it’s DECENTRALIZED, as it operates across a dispersed network of servers (called “relays”) rather than on a single centralized server, which platforms like X, Instagram, and YouTube do.

I want to keep this post very high-level without getting too deep into the technical weeds, so if you’d like to learn more about HOW this protocol actually functions in a way that makes free speech unstoppable (and its users UNBANNABLE), have a listen to the below podcast with Nostr legend Derek Ross 👇


Why Does Decentralized Social Media Matter?

If you’ve been hanging out in carnivore circles for a while, you know there’s been a heck of a lot of censorship going on targeting carnivore accounts for a long time, through methods such as account takedowns, shadowbanning, or in most cases, the most insidious of all: silently preventing carnivore content from ever reaching people’s feeds, through Big Tech algorithms.

And, as bad as it seems now, you and I both know that this is likely going to get MUCH WORSE in the future, as the powers that be continue to jam the plant-based agenda down the world’s throat, using their Big Tech puppets as a tool to manipulate social discourse in that direction.

Why Carnivores Need Nostr

I’ll give you 4 good reasons.

First, to quickly recap the above:

As censorship continues to grow, we can be damn sure that those of us who are voicing opinions contrary to the status quo (plant-based agenda) are sure to be at risk of facing the chopping block on centralized platforms.

For this reason, we MUST have *at least* a backup plan, to protect against the case that our accounts start getting axed left & right on censorship-vulnerable platforms like X, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

As discussed in this podcast, bigger names like Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Anthony Chaffee, and Dr. Ken Berry ESPECIALLY need to establish a presence on Nostr, as they have such a strong following built, and it would be catastrophic for them to not have a backup plan should their accounts ever fall victim to the potential vegan establishment ban-hammer we could see in the future.



Nostr has the potential to directly help fix a plethora of problems the modern healthcare system faces.

This point would take a full post on its own, so here’s the TLDR:

Modern healthcare is a mess of confusion for everyone involved, from doctors, to administrators, to patients, and everyone in between.

A completely open-source communication protocol like Nostr is the PERFECT solution to this mess, as it provides a buildable base-layer where entrepreneurs can create real solutions to the friction between all of these parties in the modern medical care relationship.

I know that’s a mouthful…For a more articulated, in-depth explanation, watch the podcast below! 👇



It will help accelerate the carnivore message!

Not only does Nostr contain a diverse group of open-minded, freedom-focused individuals from across the globe (who are also much more receptive than average to “outside-of-the-box” ideas)…Nostr also has ZERO secret algorithms manipulating the content people see in their feeds.

This means, EVERY POST people want to see actually gets seen—a seemingly fundamental function of social media which most people aren’t even aware was robbed from them on the centralized apps long ago.

The combination of these two things make Nostr a PRIME breeding ground for spreading the gospel of the carnivore diet and its many health benefits, with the potential growing every day as the user base continues its exponential trajectory toward mass-adoption 🚀


As you’ve heard me ramble about many times on the podcast, it’s become a personal crusade of mine to get the carnivore community more deeply involved in BITCOIN.

All top Nostr clients have Bitcoin “zapping” natively integrated, meaning you can easily get your feet wet on using Bitcoin for your day-to-day transactions, both with friends across social media, and for buying goods and services!

(I recommend the “Primal” client to get started if this sounds intriguing – its Lightning wallet is the best for beginners in my opinion)

For a deeper dive on why carnivores (and meat-lovers in general) need to get acquainted with Bitcoin sooner rather than later, check out this podcast I did with Beef Initiative frontman Texas Slim 👇



I’m going to keep it that brief for today.

I hope this post has encouraged you to continue learning about Nostr, and set up an account to begin exploring it for yourself!

Trust me when I say, this will NOT be the last time you hear about it, and getting involved sooner rather than later will present an enormous opportunity for you to get a head start on the future of social media.

For the perfect “Nostr 101” resource compilation to begin your dive into this rabbit hole, go HERE.


Make sure to drop me a follow once you’re all set up on Primal, Damus, or any of the other popular onboarding apps 👇


🥩⚡️ Ben


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