Table Of Contents


PART 1: What Is Nostr?

Nostr 101 (Derek Ross, Ben Wehrman)

The NOSTR Protocol: Social Media 3.0 (Jessica Chasteen)

What is Nostr? A Non-Technical Overview (Brianna HD)

What is Nostr? How Does it Work? Why Does it Matter? (@WalkerAmerica, BTC Times)

Nostr: A Beginner-Level Intro Thread (@anilsaidso)

Nostr: A Revolutionary Communication Protocol (Matt Odell)

Decentralized Social Media and Bitcoin (William Casarin, Preston Pysh)

Nostr Guide (@pitiunited)

WTF is Nostr and is it Unstoppable (Jack Spirko)

How ACTUAL Free & Open Speech is Solved on Social Media (Preston Pysh)


PART 2: How Does Nostr Work?

How Does Nostr Work? (Bob Martin)

Nostr Explained Visually for Beginners (@RhettRe)

Why I’m Betting Big on Nostr (Max Webster)

The Future of Social Media (Gregory White)



PART 3: Why Nostr Matters

Why Nostr Matters (Jameson Lopp)

The Decentralized Future of Social Media, and How Nostr is Evading Chinese Censorship (Nick Gillespie, @TheAbridgedZach, Reason, William Casarin, NVK)

Nostr Is a Hydra (@WalkerAmerica, BTC Times)

The Implications of Open Monetary and Information Networks (@LynAldenContact)

The Fruit of the Nostr Tree (Guy Swann)

Nostr, Decentralizing the Internet, and Authoritarianism in the Digital Age (Edward Snowden, Jack Dorsey / Nostrasia 2023)


PART 4: Getting Set Up

Tutorial – Short (@castig)

Tutorial – Medium (@N8hanWilliams)

Tutorial – Comprehensive (BTC Sessions)

Get your NIP-05 Identifer with Nostr Plebs:

Example of what a finished identifier looks like:

Secure your private/public keys:

Find Your Twitter Followers on Nostr:

Global Relay Directory:


PART 5: What’s Next? / Bull Fuel

Nostr vs Everything (William Casarin, @pablof7z, @motorina0, @r0ckstardev / Bitcoin 2023 Conference)

Building Nostr Projects, Why Open Networks Win, and the Economics of Nostr (@pablof7z, Kevin Rooke)

How Nostr Works and the Mind-Blowing Implications for Freedom and Prosperity [for nostr-only, skip to 41:44] (John Vallis, @pablof7z)

The Dawn of the Decentralized Web (Jeff Booth, Nik Bhatia / The Bitcoin Layer)

Nostr 101 (Derek Ross, Jack Starling)

Nostr’s Future (Jack Spirko, Guy Swann)

Nostr: Bitcoin’s Layer 3 (Bob / Nostrasia 2023)


Enjoy the rabbit hole, friends! I’ll see you in the Nostrverse


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