TLDR: Bitcoin is the most important innovation in human history. By providing a globally-accessible, deflationary alternative in a world ruled by central banking & inflationary theft, Bitcoin is primed to be the pin that pops the bubble of systemic corruption, and usher in a new era of responsibility, prosperity, and abundance.

TLDR: Human beings are carnivores. Nearly all modern “diseases” are actually just downstream results of humans only very recently beginning to eat plants, and thus, can be effectively eliminated by cutting all fruits/vegetables/grains, and implementing the proper human diet of meat, salt, and water.

TLDR: The Democrat vs. Republican political paradigm is a mass-scale distraction to keep people from waking up to the fact that they are being systemically stolen from by bureaucrats on both sides of the aisle. Only when we break free from the two-party system, and prioritize freedom, free markets and sound money, will we be able to ascend to the next level of societal progress.

TLDR: Nostr is the decentralized endgame of social media, driving a stake into the heart of centralized Big Tech platforms designed to harvest your brainpower and control the way you think & speak.

TLDR: The ultimate collection of time-tested health hacks/life upgrades that will help you escape the scam of modern healthcare, and reach your optimal human potential.

many more in progress...stay tuned 👀


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